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0 comments | July 12, 2007 | 5:11 PM | posted by Derek Archer

The National Education Association has posted a legislative action call, asking its members to support the Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations bill that should come up for a vote in the U.S. House next week. This bill would increase the gargantuan amount of money that the United States spends on public education already.

The Department of Education reports that the United States already spends $62.7 billion dollars per year on education. While this number sounds large, let me give you an example of just how HUGE this number really is. If I gave you all of this $62.7 billion and told you to spend $1,000 a day, it would take you over 171,780 YEARS to spend it all.

Consider also that the federal government only pays for a fraction of the nation’s $500 billion education costs overall, and you may begin to think again before allowing the government to pour more of your money into education spending.

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