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2 comments | December 22, 2006 | 9:30 AM | posted by Mike Reitz

Briefs for Petitioners

Brief of Petitioner Davenport
Brief of Petitioner Washington

Brief of amicus United States
Brief of amici States of Colorado, Alabama, Idaho, Ohio, Utah & Virginia
Brief of amicus American Legislative Exchange Council
Brief of amicus Asociation of American Educators
Brief of amicus Campaign Legal Center
Brief of amici Cato Institute, Reason Foundation & Center for Individual Freedom
Brief of amici Evergreen Freedom Foundation, Cascade Policy Institute, Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy, Excellent Education for Everyone, Grassroot Institute of Hawaii, Georgia Public Policy Foundation, James Madison Institute, John Locke Foundation, Nevada Policy Research Institute, Pacific Research Institute, Pioneer Institute for Public Policy Research, Small Business Hawaii & Competitive Enterprise Institute
Brief of amicus Institute for Justice
Brief of amicus National Federation of Independent Business Legal Foundation
Brief of amicus Mackinac Center for Public Policy
Brief of amicus Mountain States Legal Foundation
Brief of amicus Pacific Legal Foundation
Brief of amicus Religious Objectors of Northwest Professional Educators

Briefs for Respondent

Brief of Respondent Washington Education Association
Brief of amici AFL-CIO and Change to Win

Reply Briefs

Reply brief of Petitioner Washington
Reply brief of Petitioner Davenport

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In about 5-10 minutes, I will be Christmas tagging you.

9:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I forgot to say why - which is to support your mission of holding the WEA accountable.

9:01 PM


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