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0 comments | July 05, 2007 | 12:36 PM | posted by Ryan

The Independence Institute (I2I) was a coalition partner with EFF in Davenport. I2I Education Policy Analyst Ben DeGrow and AG Suthers will join I2I president John Caldara to Discuss Supreme Court Victory on Friday's episode of Independent Thinking. The show will dissect the legal victory for the free speech rights of workers.

The episode airs on KBDI Channel 12 in Denver (Channel 32 in Colorado Springs) TOMORROW (Friday) at 8:30 PM, and on Sunday, July 8, at 11:30 AM.

"All 9 members of the U.S. Supreme Court agreed that states may give extra protections to public-sector workers who haven’t joined the union and want to be asked first before the union can spend their mandatory fees on politics. The Court’s decision strengthens the case for an Ask First policy in Colorado that would protect the rights of teachers and all public-sector workers to decide which political candidates and causes they would like to support."

Here are some related I2I links:
- Listen to Ben DeGrow host a podcast on the Supreme Court decision with Mike Reitz, director of labor policy at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation in Olympia, Wash.
- Read the Independence Institute’s press release hailing the Davenport decision victory
- See Colorado teachers explain their views on unions and the issues in the Davenport case in an Evergreen Freedom Foundation video production recorded last December
- Read Ben’s Rocky Mountain News Speakout column on the topic, published last September

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