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0 comments | July 10, 2007 | 4:30 PM | posted by Ryan

EIA’s Mike Antonucci provides a wrap-up of the NEA Convention’s final day during which Sen. Barack Obama, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, and Sen. Joe Biden spoke.

Obama’s speech included some statements supporting merit pay, but not based solely on test scores. He wants to work with teachers to find a spectrum of ways in which to measure teachers’ success.

Mike Huckabee was greeted with a roar of applause when he opened by equating his appearance at the NEA convention as out of place as Michael Moore going to the National Rifle Association’s convention. I couldn’t tell whether the crowd was cheering Huckabee or just cheered at the mention of Michael Moore. (video at 1:51)

All-in-all, entertaining, but Antonucci adds some good insight into the content of the speeches in his Communiqué for the Week of July 9, 2007.

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