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0 comments | July 05, 2007 | 2:08 PM | posted by Ryan

Derek Archer compiled a summary of some of the RA resolutions I talked about earlier. Below are his findings. Also check out the reports by the Education Intelligence Agency on the NEA's convention.

Legislative Amendment 1: Adopted
Crashed Bus Drivers Get the Crack with Drug and Alcohol Testing

It should be no big surprise to you and me that bus drivers should be subject to the same criminal investigations as everyone else. Hooray for the NEA on getting this one right.

Legislative Amendment 5: Adopted
Mandatory Kindergarten for All

For those of us like myself, this legislation may be a blessing. You see, I never received a kindergarten graduation diploma, so for all I know my college studies could be seriously impeded by this small predicament. I feel so left behind . . . this legislation would make sure that all children receive that special diploma.

Legislative Amendment 7: Defeated
African-American Family Tree Research Cut Down

It is true that many people enjoy researching their family tree and ancestors back to the dark ages, but it does not seem necessary for the government to fund such research. While I’m as mongrel an American as there ever was, my past does not dictate my future. In fact, for everyone, the past gives birth to the present, and the choices we make in the present give birth to the future.

Legislative Amendment 10: Defeated
No Bill to Be Added to the Bill of Rights This Time

The NEA rejected the proposition to give every child "the basic right to a high-quality, free, and appropriate public education." The most probable reason for this is that the NEA does not want any of its strings tied by federal judges in case laws.

Legislative Amendment 12: Passed
Evaluative Tests Do Not Accurately Reflect Student Workplace Performance

While it is true that a young adult can be book smart and practically clueless in the actual workplace, it is also true that a young adult can be a star employee in the workplace but a dropout from school. Does this mean that test scores should be completely overlooked in the evaluation process of any student seeking a job? America is your country. You decide.

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