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0 comments | January 16, 2007 | 2:30 PM | posted by Kristen

D.C. was a great place to visit, and being a part of this Supreme Court case was an honor. I've been sick the past few days, but wanted to share some pictures from the trip.

From Kristen's camera:
We actually saw cherry blossoms in January!

The Supreme Court (with Labor Policy Analyst Ryan Bedford on the steps).

Labor Policy Director Mike Reitz, NWPE Executive Director Cindy Omlin, and the aforementioned Ryan Bedford on the steps of the Supreme Court.

A fun picture Ryan took of me.

As teacher Jeff Leer said, "If 'equal justice under the law' is really what the court is all about, then we win!"

About thirty of our teachers went on a tour of the Capitol after the Supreme Court hearing on Wednesday. The Capitol rotunda, in which several deceased presidents (Abraham Lincoln was the first, and Gerald Ford the most recent) and great persons have laid in state.

The view of the Washington Monument from the Capitol steps.

Many of the teachers (myself included) also took time to see other monuments (such as the Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, and Vietnam Memorial) while we were in our nation's capitol.

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