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0 comments | January 15, 2007 | 4:13 PM | posted by Victor

As promised, here's Round 2 of pictures...

EFF Communications guru Booker T. Stallworth, Joe Lehman (from the Mackinac Center), EFF CEO Lynn Harsh, and Davenport attorney Steve O'Ban discuss.

A teacher asks a question at our night before the case meeting.

And there was much discussion.

So we went to the airport to get video footage of the arriving teachers (which I accidentally recorded over later - but don't tell my boss), so all we really got was this lousy photo.

We also went to the Lincoln memorial on Tuesday night (the day before the case) for a segment that will be included on the outtakes of our DVD and we also got to see how gorgeous D.C. is at night.
Teacher Gordon Kenney walks down the Supreme Court steps after the conclusion of oral arguments.

Lynn and teacher Jeff Leer. In black and white, because we can.

Many thanks to the teachers who gave up their time to let the Court know it needs to defend the Free Speech Rights of All Workers.

Statue outside the Supreme Court. I think it's Lady Justice.

EFF President Bob Williams explains EFF's role in the case to the media.

We did not just gather for our own amusement. Camera crews know the power of pictures.

EFF Policy Analyst and Chief Organizer Kristen Mercier. The person most responsible for coordinating the arrival and accommodations of 40+ attending teachers.

God bless the Red, White, and Blue and the 1st Amendment rights of individuals it protects

With those gloves on, I think AG Rob McKenna may have told the WEA attorneys to meet him by the flagpole after oral arguments.

Former National Teacher of the Year Tracey Bailey in the court plaza.

It's all in the sign.

Kristen asks teachers for their reactions to the arguments.

Bob and Cindy Omlin, the Executive Director of Northwest Professional Educators head down a Heritage hallway to do a media conference call.

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