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0 comments | January 15, 2007 | 5:07 PM | posted by Victor

This is my favorite picture so far...although I think we have a few hundred left to go through.

WA state Attorney General Rob McKenna has just come from oral arguments and is preparing to speak at our press conference. He is surrounded by some of the teachers whose First Amendment rights he has just defended from the WEA.

Any caption ideas? Below, I've included some I just came up with, but I know there are genius caption-making people reading this blog. Amuse us or make fun of the ones I came up with.

I'll even send the writer of the best caption a T-shirt based on this cartoon. Rest assured it's pretty rockin.

With those gloves on, I personally think AG Rob McKenna looks ready to defend the First Amendment rights of teachers against the union, without waiting for the Court's ruling.

With those gloves on, I think AG Rob McKenna may have told the WEA attorneys to meet him by the flagpole after oral arguments.

Does AG Rob McKenna look like a boxer right here, or is it just me?

Don’t make him take the gloves off.

Rest assured, the gloves came off in the courtroom.

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