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0 comments | January 12, 2007 | 12:44 PM | posted by Victor

We were busy and we have the photos to prove it. Enjoy.

The night before the case, EFF Communications Director Booker T. Stallworth explains what will happen the next day.

After arguments ended, it was a confusing mass of speakers and media.

Teacher Jeralee Smith enjoys the proceedings (and wisely brought a scarf).

Just a cool picture.

EFF CEO Lynn Harsh with Congressman Cathy McMorris.

"Free speech for All Workers." That's the case in one picture.

Labor Policy Analyst Ryan Bedford. Looking surprisingly alive for having been up all night giving teachers rides from the hotel to the steps of the court.

Teacher Bruce Gallagher on the left.

Lynn talks to the media.

Joel uses Labor Policy Center Director Mike Reitz to demonstrate his mad picture taking skills.

Attorney General Rob McKenna after a successful round of argumentation before the U.S. Supreme Court.

EFF President Bob Williams prepares to address the media.

Rob and Bob. Surrounded by teachers, former National Teacher of the Year Tracey Bailey addresses the media.
Random cameraman regrets his lack of gloves and hat. I'll bet he ended up with really chapped lips too. The banner says "No Forced Union Dues for Politics!"

After oral arguments and our press conference, Davenport attorney Steve O'Ban gives his thoughts to teachers while they eat lunch at the Heritage Foundation.

At the Heritage Foundation.

Gorgeous - did I mention Joel Sorell is a great photographer?

As a believer in freedom, I'm convinced Abe would applaud our efforts for worker freedom.

Flags are at half-staff due to the passing of former President Gerald Ford.

More to come...

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