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0 comments | January 23, 2007 | 1:56 PM | posted by Kristen

Teacher and longtime friend of EFF, Jeff Leer, is featured in an Everett Herald article:

A Lake Stevens teacher recently got a first-hand view of U.S. Supreme Court proceedings in Washington, D.C., as it heard a dispute involving the Washington Education Association, the state teachers' union.

"It was absolutely worth every goose bump," said Jeff Leer, a member of Northwest Professional Educators. Leer, a health teacher at North Middle School, doesn't belong to the WEA. But it represents him as part of collective bargaining.

Nonunion members can't be forced to pay for the union's political activism, the court has ruled, but they can be charged a fee for labor negotiations.

"No one should have money taken from their paycheck to pay for someone else's politics," Leer said.

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