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1 comments | July 02, 2007 | 3:33 PM | posted by Ryan

Following the Davenport victory, the Seattle Times unleashed two editorials on the union ravaging its credibility (Slapdown of WEA and WEA ducks and weaves after Supreme Court loss). WEA President Charles Hasse probably tried to reply by submitting an op-ed of its own (that's the way responses are usually attempted), but evidently, he had to resort to writing a letter-to-the-editor. The letter was published in today's paper.

Hasse's letter is full of the same old stuff:
  • He says the union's willful illegal activity was done with the best interests of the children in mind.
  • He belittles the effect of the USSC ruling. Of course, he didn't say that the WEA was so scared of it that it ramed through HB 2079 giving all politicians involved a black eye.
  • He believes that "detractors"are out there to bash the union when in reality, the union is bashing teachers rights.
  • Hasse confidently concludes that "...the WEA trusts the courts will ultimately clarify Washington's murky campaign spending and reporting requirements..." Of course, if I were the WEA, had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get loyal public officials elected who would pass favorable policies and appoint empathetic judges, and had spent another $580,000 in lobbying to get them to say and vote what I want, I think I could safely "trust" them too.
WEA acted in good faith

Under inflammatory headlines, but without an underlying basis of factual support, two recent editorials attacked the Washington Education Association after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the union ["Slapdown of WEA," Times, Opinion, June 15, and "WEA ducks and weaves after Supreme Court loss," Times, Opinion, June 19].

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