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1 comments | June 22, 2007 | 2:13 PM | posted by Ryan

Yesterday, Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna was given the nationally acclaimed Supreme Court Best Brief Award by the National Association of Attorney Generals, in part, for his involvement in the Davenport victory.

The AG’s win in Washington v. WEA, which was consolidated with Davenport v. WEA, gave the Washington AG’s office a 5-0 record before the U.S. Supreme Court this year.
McKenna gave the credit to his top-notch staff.
“This award, coupled with our 5-for-5 record before the US Supreme Court this year, demonstrates the tremendous expertise and experience in our office, which is why we are considered one of the best public law offices in the nation.”
It was an honor to stand alongside the AG in this important fight for the First Amendment rights of Washington state teachers and workers all across the country.
Click HERE to read the AG’s press release (McKenna briefed on MySpace.com, leads tobacco settlement progress at national meeting of attorneys general). The relevant paragraphs are at the bottom of the release.

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