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0 comments | June 22, 2007 | 1:36 PM | posted by Ryan

George Archibald, a national and investigative reporter for The Washington Times for 20 years, and nominated four times by The Washington Times for a Pulitzer Prize, wrote a great piece on the case. In fact, the title of the piece, “Freedom Matters,” rather mirrors EFF’s theme, “…Because Freedom Matters.”

[T]he Washington state supreme court ruled that public school educator unions could use mandatory dues of union members for political purposes they did not agree to. The United States Supreme Court said no in a unanimous ruling…

Woomba. Freedom matters (emphasis added).

He then goes on to expose union officials for what they are.

Let’s face it: Unions are socialist collectivist enterprises that exist just for their own self-interest. Their officers at all levels receive obscenely high pay and benefits at the expense of union members. Democrat more than Republican politicians cow-tow to these union people, who have vehemently opposed school improvement measures such as President Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act to force more rigor into taxpayer-funded American public education from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Let me interject here that EFF did something similar at the NEA’s convention in Orlando, Florida last summer. EFF rented a billboard truck and created some graphics to reveal the fat cat lifestyles of union bosses. For example, while the average teacher salary is $47,808 a year, nearly half of NEA employees receive more than $100,000 a year.

Archibald’s piece concludes by tying in an important concern felt by America’s Founders.

John Adams asked Thomas Jefferson in one of many letters between the two men over many years: “Who shall write the history of the American Revolution? Who can write it? Who will ever be able to write it?”

Good question. It’s still an unfolding story these days with global implications. Freedom matters (emphasis added).

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