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10 comments | June 15, 2007 | 5:26 PM | posted by Ryan

Many of you have questions about the U.S. Supreme Court victory.

  • How does it affect the laws in Washington state?
  • How does it affect the ability of other states to protect workers rights?
  • Is the ruling broad or narrow?
  • How does HB 2079, the union-backed legislation that eviscerated the state’s paycheck protection law, affect the victory?

If you do, post your questions in the comment section below and EFF CEO Lynn Harsh will answer your questions in a video blog early next week.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What impact does HB 2079 have on this ruling?

8:56 AM

Blogger SVC Alumnus Blogger said...

How will EFF go about repealing HB 2079?

9:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Washington state implement this ruling? Gregoire seems to be very pro union so far.

5:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am more concerned that other states will follow the lead of Washington and implement the same accounting trick that was used with HB 2079. When can we expect our AG to elaborate on the constitutionality question that was raised in testimony against the bill?

5:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With the Supreme Court decision (congratulations!) settled, where does this put the bill passed by the Governor? Does this affect the SC decision, or does WA continue to go along pretty much as-is?

8:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will Washington state voters have the Supreme Court authority to throw out the state D-Legislators' laws that protect the unions?

Can we make the Supreme Court ruling a big issue against the Democrats in upcoming elections by disclosing union-back campaigns?

8:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How does the Supreme Court ruling affect a District's obligation to collect dues from paychecks on behalf of the District Union?

10:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Governor Gregoire out of her rabbit behind political mind signing HB 2079 in the face of a Supreme Court ruling which, as an attorney, she must have known would not be in favor of the unions. Her actions show she is clearly in the pocket of the Washington Education Association (as well as all Dems in Washington), not to mention the tribes with all their gambling slush funds.

10:20 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job guys! This is why the Steilacoom School District has refused to make Agency Fees a matter for negotiation. Employees are FREE to join or NOT join the WEA or any other union organization; if they say NO to the unions, they do NOT pay and Agency Fee.

From my observations, this has always been the first thing the union asks to bargain for, but the district has simply said NO! It is too bad other districts don’t do the same.

I really would like to hear the governor's explanation on why those WEA officials were not criminally prosecuted for this fraud. School board members would have been had they done the same.

3:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

will union members be able to get refunds from their unions for past political campaigns?

6:13 PM


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