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0 comments | June 14, 2007 | 11:37 AM | posted by Ryan

Here is a list of press releases and news articles on the case:

EFF press release: Teachers and EFF Win Unanimous Victory at U.S. Supreme Court

Click here to Google Search news stories on the Davenport ruling.

Wall Street Journal: High Court Rules Diplomats Owe New York City Taxes (and Rules 9-0 for Davenport) – The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday, voting 9-0, backed a Washington state law that bars public-sector labor unions from spending nonunion employee dues on political campaign spending without first getting permission from an employee.

Reuters, High court limits union use of nonmember fees - The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously upheld a Washington state law that restricts how labor unions can use fees collected from nonmembers for political purposes.

The Columbian, Olympia think tank claims victory over Washington teachers union – The Evergreen Freedom Foundation says today's U.S. Supreme Court decision is a victory for the Olympia think tank in its battle against the state teachers union.
Evergreen's director of labor policy, Mike Reitz (rights), says the court ruled that the "First Amendment rights of teachers are not trumped by the union's ability to collect dues."


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