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0 comments | June 14, 2007 | 9:38 AM | posted by Ryan

Here is a link to the Davenport brief.

The first section, the syllabus, contains most of the best quotes of the opinion.

Here are some choice quotes:

On page 5, Scalia writes, "It is undeniably unusual for a government agency to give a private entity the power to tax government employees."

  • “Unions have no constitutional entitlement to the fees of nonmember-employees.” (page 6)
  • “As applied to public-sector unions, §760 is not fairly described as a restriction on how the union can spend its money; it is a condition placed upon the union’s extraordinary state entitlement to acquire and spend other people’s money.” (page 8)
  • “Respondent’s improvident accounting practices do not render §760 unconstitutional. We note as well that, given current technology, it will not likely be burdensome for any nonmember who wishes to do so to provide affirmative authorization for use of his fees for electoral expenditures.” (footnote on page 8)
  • “We do not believe that the voters of Washington impermissibly distorted the marketplace of ideas when they placed a reasonable, viewpoint-neutral limitation on the State’s general authorization allowing public-sector unions to acquire and spend the money of government employees.” (page 10)

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