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0 comments | June 12, 2007 | 9:45 AM | posted by Ryan

In a post on the SCOTUS Blog yesterday, contributor Marty Lederman predicted that "Justice Scalia was probably assigned to write the merits majority in Davenport."

Mr. Lederman used to work for the law firm that represented the WEA and wants the union to prevail, so his prediction implies a positive outcome for teachers.

If Scalia writes the opinion, we can probably anticipate the same hard-hitting, pithy logic he has become known for. During oral arguments, Justice Scalia asked the WEA attorney some of the hardest hitting questions. A particular exchange between the two may shed some light on what he will write.

During oral arguments, Justice Scalia commented, "Here is the Government acting as a coercer. It's because of the Government that you're allowed to get this money from these non-union members."

The union attorney replied, "Well, I don't believe the Court has ever put it quite that way in the Government speech cases, the Government funding cases." (Transcript, pages 31-32)

Maybe Scalia will take this opportunity to “put it… that way…”

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