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0 comments | June 15, 2007 | 4:56 PM | posted by Ryan

WorldNetDaily wrote an article on the case and even used one of our graphics.

Teachers' free speech trumps union politics – Supreme Court calls claim labor has 'right' to financing 'immaterial'

The article includes quotes from Diane Lenning, Cindy Omlin, Karen Petty
Here is an article from USA Today: Supreme Court upholds fee burden on unions - Non-members can stay apolitical

Finally, SCOTUS Blog posted on the case again, More on the Decision in Davenport v. WEA. This Harvard law student needs to learn accuracy and get his fact straight, or at least source them. His statement, “most [agency fee payers] do not strongly object to the use of a small amount of their union fees” is unfounded. I have talked with many agency fee payers and most object to the political use of their fees.

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