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0 comments | January 08, 2007 | 5:22 AM | posted by Booker T.

Washington, D.C. -- With oral arguments in our U.S. Supreme Court cases against the Washington Education Association scheduled for Wednesday, our media efforts promoting the cases are beginning to pay off.

I am scheduled to do radio interviews on KTTH and on Kirby Wilbur's show on KVI today. We also have a number of print articles on the case, which are appearing in newspapers all over the country:

An AP article, which mentions EFF's role in the case and interviews Gary Davenport has run in over 60 newspapers and numerous websites all over the country, and even in Europe. You can read the article in the LA Times, Forbes magazine, the Guardian of London, among other sources...

High Court to Decide Uses for Union Dues
Forbes, NY - 16 hours agoBy DONNA GORDON BLANKINSHIP 01.07.07, 2:12 PM ET. The man whose name is on a labor-limiting lawsuit the US Supreme Court is to hear this week says politics, ...

High Court to Decide Uses for Union Dues
Newsday, NY - 17 hours agoBy DONNA GORDON BLANKINSHIP. AP Writer. SEATTLE -- The man whose name is on a labor-limiting lawsuit the US Supreme Court is to hear this week says politics ...

The case is also featured in an article in today's Wall Street Journal. The article discusses the history of EFF's efforts to defend teachers' fundamental First Amendment right.

Unions' Policy Test
Wall Street Journal (subscription), NY - 7 hours agoBy JESS BRAVIN. Organized labor won big last year when Washington state's highest court struck down a law making it harder for unions to spend mandatory ...

An article in the Detroit Free Press today discusses the cases and also features interviews with Gary Davenport, the lead name on the teacher lawsuit, and Michael Reitz, the director of EFF's Labor Policy Center.

High court to hear union dues case
Detroit Free Press, MI - 4 hours agoBY JENNIFER A. DLOUHY. WASHINGTON -- When some public school teachers in Washington state learned their union was using money for political causes without ...

As the case rapidly approaches, we will continue to share our message with the public. I will be meeting with additional media outlets today and tomorrow to continue those efforts. Please visit www.teachers-vs-union.org for the latest updates.

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