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3 comments | January 04, 2007 | 1:05 AM | posted by Booker T.

Washington, DC – D-Day is quickly approaching. As you know by now, on January 10, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in our decade-long battle to protect teachers from abusive and arrogant union bosses in the cases of Davenport v. Washington Education Association (WEA) and Washington v. WEA.

The Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) is the original complainant in the case currently being argued by Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna. EFF's Labor Policy Center staff and teachers from across the country will be at the Supreme Court to observe the arguments, rally in support of teachers' First Amendment rights and make our case to the media.

I arrived in Washington, D.C. late last night after traveling most of the day from Olympia. I will be laying the ground work for next week's events by meeting with reporters, activists, policy researchers, and television and radio producers.

I, along with other EFF spokesmen and teachers, will also be available all this week and next to discuss the case with the media. I have already talked with ABC News' Supreme Court producer, where I had an opportunity to explain the key issues in the case and refute the blatant distortions of the labor union bosses. Hopefully, this week will give me more chances to do the same.

Here at the Teacher vs. Union Blog, we will also post live updates, photos, videos, key documents, testimonials from teachers and instant commentaries and analysis of events. Live from the steps of the Supreme Court, you will be able to view clips from our press conference and rally, as well read thoughts from key national leaders, teachers and attorneys arguing the case. We'll comment on the attorneys' arguments from both sides and discuss the questions asked by the Justices.

Well that is all for now, but remember to check back here often.

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Blogger SVC Alumnus Blogger said...

Be "ready, aye, ready".

Keep up the good work! Time to Hassle Hasse, I say!

Signed, a proud EFF member

8:14 AM

Anonymous don Shuper said...

What do WEA and SPEEA [ Society of Professional Engineers in Aerospace- the Boeing engineers union ] have in common ?

1) Both have agency fee
2) Both will go to any extreme to hide their 'political and lobbying" expenses from the members
3) Both will retaliate against anyone who dares question their financial games
4) Both use pencil whipping and outright deceit when dealing with members dues- and have no qualms about spending those dues to push legal loopholes to prevent disclosure.

After four years of being stonewalled for attempting to obtain union financial documents, including a publicly available IRS 990 form, SPEEA finally had to admit their liability for denial of such documents. Faced with further exposure of questionable accounting procedures, the Executive Director [ $ 189,000 ]pay more than most supreme court justices/federal judges - PLUS a free automibile ] requested the General Counsel [ pay 105K/year and able tlo stay at home in Colorado ] to find a way to prevent further disclosure of financial malfeasance. Since there was no legal/ documented process available, the General Counsel wrote a motion [policy] which convinced a majority of the SPEEA officers that my membership could be retroactively revoked because of my 'burdensome” requests. Thus, on October 12, 2005, I became the first and [so far] only member to be booted out of SPEEA for exercising my rights supposedly guaranteed under Federal law. The DOL is prohibited from being involved in member's rights issues, and going to federal court is expensive, since even winning on retribution issues would not assure payment of attoorneys fees - especially in the Supreme Soviet of Washington state. And the agency fee payers would also get to pick up the union legal tab- since they cannot get access to union financial documents either to mount a viable challange.

Dillinger used a gun to rob banks - cuz thats where the money was. Unions simply buy their own consigliere- mouthpiece and legally rip off the members dues - no guns needed.

Don Shuper justfacts@att.net

7:04 PM

Anonymous Don Shuper said...

Realizing there may be some confusion re my previous post - or a lot os 'spin". Ill post here the link to the motion, the motion, and a short c omment

With the *possible * exception of year -2004-2005 [ depending on membership defintion by SPEEA and not by LMRDA - I was a speea member for over nearly 40 years. During my retirement- ihad never bveen asked to pay dues or been notified dues were required to maintain membership status. Getting tired of the self serving definiton- I paid dues to SPEEA directly and became under the then existant rules- later changed- a special member- which later became an "associate' member. The key word is member.......


October 2, 2006
To: SPEEA Council Delegates
From: Mark Schuetz, Kurt Schuetz, Tom McCarty, Larry Marrell, Sharon Marrell
Whereas Don has requested varying forms of information and filed numerous complaints continuously for
four years; and
Where as it appears he will not stop complaining and requesting information; and
Whereas the union does not believe it has the ability to satisfy Don; and
Whereas he has repeatedly been informed that the union cannot continue to accommodate all of his
requests; and
Whereas he continues to make demands of the union despite efforts to satisfy his needs; and
Whereas he isn't a member of any SPEEA represented bargaining unit; and
Whereas Don Shuper applied for and received an Associate Membership in December 2005.
Whereas Associate Membership is an honorary membership that provides an opportunity for former
members and employees in aerospace or equivalent industry an opportunity to support the union and to
maintain ties to a union that stresses democratic processes; and
Whereas his membership status grants him no substantive rights within the union; and
Whereas his continuing demands place an undue burden on the union and its efforts to appropriately
utilize its resources for the good of the entire membership,

I was told the motion passed- but no voting tally or records have been published...


8:07 PM


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