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0 comments | January 24, 2007 | 3:44 PM | posted by Victor

In his closing statement of oral arguments AG Rob McKenna nailed it with this line:

MR. MCKENNA: The State of Washington's position is that non-members should not be required to say no twice. They said no when they chose not to join the union. The union's position now is, well, we get to use your money for political purposes unless you say no a second time. That does not seem to be a reasonable default position to take. P 49

“Should not be required to say no twice” is really just a lawyer’s way of saying “No should mean No.”

Lots of people understand this concept and why it is so important.

The National Education Association’s website even features a column with this line:

“"No” means “no way, no how.” In some cases, legal action might be necessary.”

For once we couldn't agree more with the NEA. We just wish they would agree with themselves.

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