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0 comments | January 09, 2007 | 7:02 PM | posted by Kristen

Tonight we had our first meeting with teachers. Even though people are tired and jet-lagged, the enthusiasm for this cause was palpable in the room. Teachers are friendly, fun people, and everyone enjoyed getting to know each other and hearing about the agenda for tomorrow.

We feel so honored that these teachers--most from Washington state, but others from California, Colorado, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Virginia--are taking time out of their busy schedules to be here.

Earlier today, a group of us took a Supreme Court tour and looked over the grounds and the special court rules to see what we would be dealing with tomorrow.

On a personal note, this was my first time using the D.C. metro system, and I thought it was ingenius. It was easy to use, safe, and a lot more fun than dealing with traffic!

So far, our trip here has been great. We have had several media opportunities, and our communications staff has been hard at work answering the media's questions and introducing reporters to teachers so they can get personal stories.

Our hotel staff has gone above and beyond to help us get around the city and feel comfortable as well. We couldn't have asked for better accomodations, and their amenities (shuttle service, fitness center) have been top notch.

So far, things have been going great! Tomorrow is the big day, and we're hoping for even better things to come!

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