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0 comments | January 10, 2007 | 4:17 PM | posted by Victor

I just finished watching Special Report with Brit Hume and halfway through the show, I was excited to see a segment on today's case.

The show did an excellent job of explaining the issues in the case, highlighting some of the questions asked by the justices and then showing video of teachers from our press conference.

I loved the contrasting images of WEA President Charles Hasse standing alone making statements to the media and Attorney General Rob McKenna recapping his efforts to defend worker freedom before the Supreme Court while surrounded by teachers from all over the country.

The most powerful image was of teachers holding signs that said "Free Speech for All Workers". That's the picture that speaks a thousand words. I think the average TV viewer will relate to that: "That looks like my neighbor/friend/mother/co-worker. No one should have to pay for politics that they don't agree with."

(Many thanks to the teachers who made time in their busy schedules to come represent the millions of workers who could be affected by the Court's decision and those who made their trips possible.)

You can watch us on Brit Hume tonight; his show repeats at midnight Pacific time.

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