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0 comments | October 19, 2006 | 1:31 PM | posted by Mike Reitz

Tracey Bailey, the 1993 NationalTeacher of the Year and director of national projects for the Association of American Educators, writes that Washington / Davenport vs. WEA have the potential to affect teachers nationwide. His piece in Human Events:

I am personally familiar with the pressure and coercion that is placed upon teachers to pay union dues, even in right-to-work states. As a first-year teacher, I received hate mail and insults when I didn’t join the union immediately upon beginning my teaching career. This case is an excellent chance for teachers to be protected, not only from forced payments for unwanted union politics, but also from the bullying and coercion that too often accompanies unionism and union dues.

I commend the court for accepting this important case. I hope that the court will render a decision that helps protect the personal finances—and personal freedoms—of all of America’s teachers.

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