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0 comments | October 11, 2006 | 9:55 AM | posted by Mike Reitz

The Washington Education Association continues to insist it does not spend non-member agency fees on political activity: here and here.

Yet the union has given WEA-PAC $137,708 just this year alone.

And it has admitted in court documents to spending agency fees on politics.

  • When sued by the attorney general, the WEA admitted to violations. Defendant’s Answer and Affirmative Defenses, November 22, 2000. “Defendants admits that it collects agency shop fees from agency shop payers… [and] that a portion of these funds is deposited in the WEA’s general treasury….” Defendant’s Answer, ¶ 10. “Defendant admits that during the past five years, it has expended funds from its general treasury for contributions and expenditures to influence an election or to operate a political committee,” Defendant’s Answer, ¶ 11.

  • “[WEA] political advocacy … is financed almost entirely by members’ dues and only to a very small extent by agency fee moneys.” WEA Brief in Opposition, U.S. Supreme Court, August 14, 2006.
Furthermore, campaign finance regulators and the trial court judge ruled the used non-member dues in violation of the law.

  • The state Public Disclosure Commission found the WEA guilty of multiple campaign finance violations and voted unanimously to turn the case over to the attorney general for prosecution. Complaint for violation of RCW 42.17.760, ¶ 4.1, October 9, 2000.

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